MMA Workout DVD Overview

Mixed Martial Arts Takedown Attempt


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Been looking for an exercise video that's going to get you in killer shape and also teach you MMA technique?

If so, we recommend you checkout the MMA Workout DVD from Tapout XT.

The video is similar to other Insanity or P90x programs you've probably seen advertised online. The key differentiator between Tapout XT and the other programs is its focus on MMA moves, and not requiring any additional weights or equipment. Everything you need to get ripped is included in the box.

Looking at the reviews of Tapout XT, here are the Pros and Cons


Good Results


Poorly produced
Difficult to Follow

So if you're looking at the bottom line for the program, the package is a lot cheaper than Insanity or P90X which run upwards of $199. Tapout XT is just $64.90 including shipping. Easily one of the cheaper packages out there, and we recommend it at this price point.

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