Beginners Guide to Aerobics for Fitness

Aerobic exercise refers to any activity that works your muscles and gets your heart pumping; it could be anything from running and cycling to step classes and aqua aerobics, or even cleaning the car or engaging in some serious shopping. In terms of fitness and fat loss, it is best to combine aerobic exercises with anaerobic muscle-strengthening exercises. Many aerobic workout programs are specifically designed to include exercise sets that incorporate both types of movement. Specially designed aerobic workout programs such as step, dance or aqua aerobics often provide the best full body workout in a short time.
There are a great many benefits to aerobic workouts, both from scientific and social perspectives. Fitness experts recommend 30 minutes of aerobic exercise per day as optimum for health and fitness.


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Aerobic exercise sets provide one of the simplest ways to ensure that you accomplish this goal. There is no need to spend time driving to the gym or to pay for an expensive membership – as you can easily exercise alongside a YouTube video at home. Aerobic exercises are designed to work out all your core muscle groups, while also raising your heart rate for maximum fat burning effect. Aerobic exercise also releases a rush of endorphins giving you a mental boost to help you feel more energized, positive and relaxed.
If you choose to attend an organized class, you can easily learn routines and make sure you are performing exercises correctly; attending a class can also provide motivation. Instructors can help you to alter exercises to suit your fitness level and ability. It can be a good idea to attend at least one class per week and then practice at home in between.
You may experience initial difficulties with coordination and struggle to keep up with all the moves, but you should see a noticeable improvement each week. Start by doing just what you are capable of, it is easy to make moves more challenging as you progress simply by shifting your position slightly or adding weights. If you suffer from an injury or condition – moves can be customized for you. It is expected that you will experience some soreness following the first few workouts – your muscles are becoming accustomed to being used in new ways. This should ease with time, but adjustments to exercises and specialized clothing can help if this persists.
The right clothing is important for aerobic exercise; you need to be able to move, bend and stretch freely. Many people choose to wear leggings and a top made from breathable material – allowing the greatest comfort and freedom of movement. Specialist clothing can be extremely beneficial, even if you suffer from muscle soreness, muscle fatigue or a sports injury, there is no need to stop your aerobic workouts. Copper compression clothing, such as that created by the Tommie Copper brand, is hailed as a godsend by professional athletes with many using it during and after training to facilitate blood-flow to the muscles, which increases the speed and efficiency of muscular repair.
Aerobics is a great all round exercise to tone and strengthen muscles, while burning fat and increasing overall fitness. To get the most from aerobics, take care to ensure you are doing the exercises correctly and have the correct clothing.

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