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Everyone always makes losing weight much harder than it actually needs to be. Have you ever been told to measure your food to the last gram? Or my favorite one is eating a 50/30/20 split with your carbohydrates, proteins and fats. How can anyone still have the motivation to eat healthily after they are absolutely shattered from all the information their brain has had to ingest? Don't get me wrong, all these things are important, but it's far too early for you to worry about them.

Eat less. 2 simple words, but they are so powerful. If you want to lose weight then technically you only need to eat less food. If your body is burning more energy that it's taking in each day it will use the body's fat reserves for energy. That means the fat will be stripped away. But instead of leaving you with pretty pointless information, we can go over a few ways to eat less that are simple to follow.

In the morning

Breakfast is a huge one. You see all these big health gurus change their mind every 5 minutes. Do you need to eat breakfast, or not? The answer is 'or not.' You don't need to have anything in the morning. It won't speed up your metabolism as soon as you bite into your toast. It will only increase your daily calorie intake. Don't stop eating breakfast every day. That would be crazy. Just do it once or twice per week and over time it will make a difference.

30/30/40 split

If you don't even know what this means you are very lucky. It basically means you want to be eating less carbohydrates than you are just now, and at the same time you should be eating more proteins and fats. Carbs are things like rice, pasta, cereal, potatoes, and flour. Just cut them out and replace them with meats and fats, but only as much as feels comfortable. Take your time and cut them out slowly.

Stop snacking

Snacks are going to be your downfall. If you need a snack in between meals it means you never ate enough or you are greedy. It's usually just a mental things. If you eat about 100 snacks per day then cut some out. If you don't eat much then you should cut them all out, except maybe for the odd treat. It's up to you: cut them out or never lose weight.

Don't eat anything before bed

This isn't because carbs after 6pm make you fat, which is a lot of garbage. It's because you are about to go to sleep for the night. Do you really expect to need much energy in your sleep? Remember, running around in dreams doesn't count. If you desperately need something you should go for the thing with the least calories: water.

Watch what you're drinking

This might surprise some of you, but some people don't realize just how much calories they are drinking. Drink a bottle of soda and it will eventually pile on the pounds. Fruit is a killer. Eating fruit is fine, but drinking a huge smoothie will do you no good what so ever. And lastly we need to have a quick look at something that's also important.

Lift some weights

I'll start by saying you can't get huge overnight. Women can't get huge at all unless they swallow some magic beans and never leave the gym. Lifting weights will tighten you up in all the right places. Cardio will leave you skinny-fat if you're not careful. It's OK to do a little running, but lift some light weights as your main gym routine. Do it and it will burn the fat from your body. But not literally.



Mark Thomas is a fitness trainer and has contributed numerous articles on weight lifting. He recommends visiting this particular website to know more about how to lose 20 pounds.

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