Top Fruits & Vegetables to Buy Organic

Everyone knows that fruits and vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. However today, many farmers use pesticides and other chemicals to keep these fruits and vegetables looking as fresh as possible. For many finding fruits and vegetables that are chemical free a.k.a. organic is the way to go.


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While organic food is still a little more expensive than other food, it is pesticide free which for many is a healthier and safer way to go.

Below are the top fruits and vegetables to buy organic and the reasons why so many pesticides are used on them:

Celery – In studies completed by the USDA, 94.5% of all celery tested was found to contain pesticides. Celery is traditionally grown during the fall and winters months. This time of year is a time when bacteria can grow rapidly and many farmers will use pesticides and chemicals to combat this. Buying organic celery can save you from ingesting these harmful pesticides.

Peaches – USDA studies reported that 93.7% of all peaches tested contained pesticides. Peaches are a popular fruit. Sweet and succulent they tend to be a magnet for insects which means more pesticides.

Strawberries – 90% of all strawberries tested contained pesticides. Berries tend to go bad quickly. So a lot of pesticides are used to get them to the stores at the peak of freshness before insects and fungus grabs a hold of them.

Apples – 91% of all apples tested contained pesticides. Apples are a widely used fruit. Apples can fall prey to over 30 insects and can be affected by more than 10 diseases. So pesticides are widely used.

Blueberries – Blueberry consumption and production has increased over the years and this sweet little berry can easily fall victim to insects.

Sweet Bell Peppers – This pepper is susceptible to insects resting in the crook of the top stem area. They do not contain some of the compounds of the hotter peppers that generally will ward of these pests. 68% tested by the USDA contained pesticides.

Spinach – This vegetable is loved by animals and insects alike. 83.4% of the spinach tested by the USDA contained high levels of pesticides. The leaves tend to suck up chemicals in the ground as well.

Organic fruits and vegetables are free from these pesticides and thus are deemed by much of the public as a healthier alternative.


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