Stop Wasting Your Time: 3 Essential Steps To Getting Huge


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Most people go to the gym multiple times per week and try their absolute best to put on muscle. The funny thing is, they don't look any different from when they started. All that hard work for nothing. That's not even taking into account the amount of time they've wasted. Time they will never get back. Is this what you want? No, of course not. Nobody really tries to do all that work and have nothing to show for it.

It happens because people don't know the right things to do. They read the wrong information and fail miserably. Maybe a celebrity appears in a magazine and tells you their workout. They lie. They make it sound easy. What they don't tell you is they have the best personal trainers that money can buy and they have people making all their food. If you want results you need to know the proper way to get them.

Stuff your face

You need to eat lots of food if you want to build muscle. When people start working out they eat less. For some reason they think that's what people do when they want to get fit. Your muscles need energy to grow. How can they grow on nothing. It's so simple it makes you wonder how much common sense people have.

Don't go crazy and head of to a fast food joint. I said you should eat more, but it has to be healthy. Good healthy foods will make you put on muscle without adding all the extra fat that comes with it. You can still get fat by eating extra food, but not if you do it sensibly. Start of increasing your portion sizes every day and check yourself out in the mirror every Sunday. If you're looking good increase it a little bit more.

Lift heavy things

It maybe feels good to be able to do hundreds of reps. It makes you look manly. People might even be impressed. It still doesn't mean you're going to get big. You will always be small if you lift light weights. It really is that simple. Your muscles need to be shocked. They need a reason to grow. If you lift small weights every time they don't need a reason to get bigger. They don't need to adapt.

Lower the amount of reps you do. It needs to be less than 10, even if you don't think you're putting in much effort. You are, and you'll grow. Obviously there are going to be extra safety concerns with lifting much heavier weights. If you can find someone to help spot you it's going to stop you from dropping something on your chest which prevents you from breathing. Help is good.

Don't be a disco boy

Do you know what a disco boy is? It's someone who only works his chest and biceps. I hope this isn't you. It might make you look good at the disco, but you're going to look stupid naked. You must do the proper exercises. That doesn't include bicep curls, sadly enough. The biceps are one of the smallest muscle groups in the body. You're wasting your time if you want to grow.

What you need are some big compound moves. The deadlift and squat are the kings of the compound moves. Exercises that work every single muscle in your body. They make you sweat. You might even cry, but you will achieve a level that some only dream about. Other compound lifts include chin-ups, chest press, and the overhead shoulder press. Do these 5 moves and you will take your t-shirt off at every opportunity.

Allen is a bodybuilder who is equally interested in blogging and writing. As a fitness blogger he really liked a PAGG Stack Review on FourHourBodySupplies.

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