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They say that eating healthily is something that requires you to either spend more money or to spend ages slaving over the stove, and this is an excuse that many people give for not shedding the pounds and changing their diet.

However this really needn't necessarily be the case, and actually there are many ways that you can eat healthily and still keep it cheap and quick. Here we will look at just a few meals you can make to stay healthy even when life gets busy or expensive.

Pasta Meals

If you want an incredibly easy healthy meal then one of the most basic you can make is simply to pour a pot of chopped tomatoes over a bowl of pasta - and it's surprisingly tasty. Choose whole grain pasta to ensure you get fiber from it and to minimize the carb hit, and then you can select any number of other fruits to add in as well. For instance you can chop and add a red pepper and/or onion, garlic, mushroom etc. If you want to get a lean protein in there too, then you can add steamed chicken (which admittedly increases the price and the time slightly) or you can add just some tinned tuna. Tinned tuna can be expensive - but there are cheaper brands you can buy such as Tesco's own which is much more affordable and which will taste the exact same. If you're finding this a little bland then you can just add a tiny sprinkle of cheese.


But carbonara is an unhealthy and creamy dish right? Wrong - not if you do it the right way. To this boil some whole grain pasta and some onion (leaving it nice and juicy though) and then add to a hot pan. Now add in some slices of ham cut up, and then add a single egg white (include the yolk for more flavour, but it will mean adding more fat) and again just a little cheese. Barely cook the egg and then remove the pan. You can also add more vegetables to make it healthier and more interesting - such as mushrooms, garlic or even broccoli.

Beans on Toast

If you really just need a quick snack then beans on toast is a relatively healthy one. While tinned food like beans will include a lot of salt to help preserve them, it's also a great source of protein and one of your five a day and it's certainly better than a microwave meal. Add Lee and Perrins or some stock to make it more delicious.


You probably think of fajitas as unhealthy, but they don't need to be. Simply boil the chicken or steam it instead of frying, and use a little puree as your source rather than maiyonaise. You can season the chicken yourself with a bit of pepper or paprica. Then add in some salad.


Buying salad leaves is very cheap and you can get some good mixtures ready. Then just cut up some peppers and some cherry tomatoes and choose a nice meat to add such as steamed chicken again, a little bit of ham, or some tuna. If you want to add some sort of relish then just a nice olive or vegetable oil will do the trick - this is an unsaturated fat and actually good for you.

Brian works as a health/fitness consultant and likes to blog on fitness topics. He writes on absworkout tips on his blog to make folks aware of the best exercises for getting perfect six abs.

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