Simple Cardio Exercises You Can Do At Home


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Many people know the importance of a good diet for maintaining health but it is equally important to have a toned body and keep fit. But spending a lot of money on gym memberships or expensive equipment is not necessary. There are plenty of exercises anyone can do in their own home.

Cardiovascular, or cardio, workouts are necessary in order to get fit and lose weight. As the name suggests, they are exercises that mainly work the heart. They get the blood pumping, which helps raise energy levels and burn off calories.

Take the Stairs to Get Fit


If a house has stairs they are a great way to work the muscles and get the heart pumping. You can run up and down them (carefully!) or use them for step aerobics. If something from upstairs is needed, take an extra trip up and down. Keep a record of how many 'stair trips' are taken each day for motivation and how many calories each one has helped to burn. It is amazing how quickly it adds up.

If there are no stairs then walking quickly around the home or jogging in place works just as well. Jogging or running in place can also be done in front of the television, which helps the time pass more quickly.

Just Dance!


Dancing is an excellent and fun way to keep fit and it hardly feels like exercise at all. It does not matter if someone is a brilliant or terrible dancer, as the point is to get moving. Dancing at home means no one is there to watch you.

All that is needed is to put on a favourite CD with energetic music or turn on the radio while at home. You could invite a few friends around and make a party of it. That way everyone can laugh at each other and no one feels too self-conscious.

Other Cardio Aerobics


The key to cardio is fast movements that work the heart and lungs. Exercises such as the ones many people did at school are ideal. You can try jumping jacks, jumping lunges or squat jumps - basically anything that involves running and jumping provides a great cardio workout.

Keeping healthy is more important than ever. A healthy person can live longer, be more active and has better immunity against any sort of illness. It also helps to be fit and healthy if you want to get the best deals on critical illness cover.

Even something as simple as a child's skipping rope provides beneficial exercise and it is much cheaper than the gym. The only things to keep in mind are making sure the rope is the right length and that there is enough space in the room to swing the rope when jumping.

Cardio is a great way to get a body moving and to lose weight. It takes as little as ten minutes a day to see improvements and with so many exercises you can do at home there is no reason not to try them.

Article by Chris Spann

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