Muscles That Attract Men and Ladies


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If you ask yourself honestly why you work out, then for many people the answer will be the same - to attract members of the opposite sex. The thing is though, that muscle alone isn't going to attract ladies, and losing fat on its own won't attract men - it has to be muscle in the right places and it's crucial to ensure that you develop your body in the right way if you want the right response. Here we will look at what that entails.

The Ideal Man's Body for Women

Of course in both these cases people differ and what one person really likes will not necessarily be the same for someone else. That said there are certainly some muscle groups that seem to be particularly popular for women and that have a good chance of attracting the fairer sex. Here we will look at some of those.

First of all if you want to attract a woman then big arms is often a good bet. If you have big strong looking arms then this will make you look powerful and it's something that you can demonstrate fairly easily as they will poke out through the top of your shirts.

Also important of course are abs - and every woman it seems appreciates a ripped mid section. To get your abs just right as a man you should make sure that you train the obliques too. These surround the abs and they're what give them the appearance of being more cut and detailed.

Another thing that works well for women - on an almost 'unconscious' level - is the classic upside down V shape - and it's important not to forget the back as this is something that many women find surprisingly attractive. Likewise don't forget your legs and lower body - spindly legs are a real turnoff, while a tight tush is something that lots of women look for in particular.

Generally you want to look lean and ripped with a strong back and broad shoulders. Think cover model for Men's Health and not Ronnie Coleman - if your muscle gets too big it actually ruins your silhouette and few women find veins attractive (though there are some rather big fans of the look).

The Ideal Woman's Body for Men

While again there is variation here between men, the general concept behind the perfect woman's body is something that has a lot of agreement.

The aim of the game for women here is to strip away fat in order to create a body that looks firm and toned - but not to strip away so much fat that they lose their figure. The order that we lose fat in is something that is genetically determined meaning that you can't lose the fat from your stomach first and there's a chance it will come of your breasts before. Train so that you flatten your stomach, but don't keep burning fat as you'll end up 'skinny' which isn't a good look. The hip to waist ratio is one of the most important things for attracting men and once that starts to be affected you don't want to lose any more weight.

Also important is to make sure that you don't strip away so much fat that you start to look scrawny or sinewy. Muscle isn't as desirable on women on women as it is on men, and while toned abs, legs and bums are a real turn on - once you start developing biceps, veins and a rippling six pack it's time to ease off. Apart from anything else men don't like feeling intimidated by women who look stronger than them...

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