How To Grab Lunch Out Without Breaking The Bank Or Ruining Your Diet

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Getting lunch out is something that can be surprisingly difficult. When you look around your local town, the majority of food venues you're likely to find are designed for dinner and provide mostly full meals, while the lunch options like pub lunch often aren't particularly affordable or healthy. This then means that you're stuck most of the time getting sandwiches from the supermarket, when again this can end up costing you a lot more than it should and not being very tasty (we've all had a 'wet' sandwich from Tescos at some point...).

Fortunately though there are some ways you can grab lunch out surprisingly cheaply and be healthy with it. Here we will look at how to get a great lunch for half the price you might be used to paying...


If you're going into Tesco to grab your lunch then you're on the right lines. But where most people go wrong is in looking at the meal deals and the ready-made sandwiches section. Here you can get a sandwich in a plastic packet in a number of flavours and while it will be convenient it will also be a lot more expensive for the privilege.

The solution then is to go to the supermarket yes, but to go deeper in and get food from the isles. For instance if you want a sausage roll, you can buy a whole packet from the fridges further in the shop and this will cost the same as just one on its own from the lunch menu.

Likewise with sandwiches, while you can end up paying a lot for sandwiches that are ready made, you can much more cheaply buy two slices of bread, some cheese and some ham, and use these to make your own sandwiches – and you could make about ten for the price of one much smaller sandwich ready made yet again. This will taste better too and will contain a lot less salt and other preservatives.

And then, instead of buying a small bottle of apple juice for $2.50, why not buy a carton that won't leave you still feeling thirsty for $1.50? A banana meanwhile that is the exact same will cost you about three times as much bought from the front of the store as it would from the fruit and veg section.

Splitting the Bill

Of course the only downside to all this is that you don't necessarily want a whole loaf of bread or a whole carton of apple juice. Here then you have two options – either to take the rest home with you thus saving yourself money on your next shopping bill or to split the costs between you and some friends in which case you can get it all even cheaper still. All chip in for a loaf of bread, a packet of sliced cheese and some ham and that can feed six of you.

Other Stores

It doesn't just have to be the big supermarkets where you use this strategy. You can also get even cheaper bread from dollar stores, fruit from markets and ham from butchers – but this of course will all require some trekking.

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