How to Drastically Reduce the Sugar in Your Diet

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Most of us don't realize just how serious sugar is in our diet and how detrimental it is to our health and how much damage it does. Of course many of us are aware that it can cause us to lose weight, and we recognize that the energy we don't use in our diet will end up being stored around our body as fat. However what many of us don't account for so much is that sugar also damages our nerves and our organs - just think about how much sweet things hurt when they come into contact with an exposed root in our teeth. Then there's how much sugar damages our teeth themselves too – by providing the plaque-producing plaque in our mouths with energy to produce more. Of course this is also bad for a range of other problems such as diabetes and other glucose-related issues.

Here then we will look at some ways you can lower the amount of glucose in your diet by eating much less sugar.

Soda Drinks:

First of all it's important that you recognize just how serious soda drinks are when it comes to increasing your sugar intake. In fact any glass of soda drink such as Coca Cola or lemonade will contain roughly the equivalent of two Cadbury's cream eggs which is an insane amount when you really think about it – no one in their right mind would eat that many Cadbury's cream eggs in an average day as they do soda drinks.


Bom dia!

Another very useful thing to do is to take the sugar out of your tea. This is very effective in two different ways. First and foremost it is useful because it will mean you are having less sugar every time you would have had tea. At the same time though it also means you drink something sweet so much less often that eventually you are likely to start to lose your sweet tooth – you'll crave sweet things less and you'll improve as a result. This is also a good willpower experiment – just seeing if you can be strong willed enough to drink tea that way every time.

The Psychology of Snacks:

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Next you need to eliminate the amount of sugary snacks you consume. Of course that's easier said than done though and I'm not just going to leave you with that and nothing else. The key then to improving your ability to resist snacks is to try and change your psychology and the way you think about them. This means for instance telling yourself you don't want or need them, and focussing on how sickly sweet they can be and how sick you can feel afterwards – remember this feeling and suddenly you don't want it so much. What you need instead is something that you can have to feel good which won't make you feel quite so ill and that means for instance something like late or cappuccino. Then next time you're in a restaurant and everyone gets a cake you can choose to get a cappuccino instead – and you'll save money too.

Stock Up: Meanwhile you also need to think about how to make sure that your sugar levels stay at a good level all day and that they don't dip and become very low. This is a good plan because it prevents you craving that sugar injection in the form of simple carbs. Make sure then that you stock up by having a good breakfast full of complex carbs like oats, and meanwhile try to avoid making yourself too tired and depressed during your working day at work. 

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Peter Arlott is a health blogger and answers queries related to health issues through his blog. He provides tips to diabetes patients and helps lower their glucose consumption.

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