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In order to boost one's energy eventually improve workouts, various pills, powders, and drinks have been put to use. Unfortunately, while these products work for recreational athletes, it may not produce the same results for professionals. To fill this gap, Dr. Dan Olesnicky, a SWAT medic, developed a line of supplements for militaries, law enforcers, and shift workers. These supplements to get ripped are said to not only enhance physical performance but also prolong life by providing the nutrients your body needs.

Included in Olesnicky's line of supplements is a pre-workout formula which is available as a pill. This has been produced in two versions: the 9mm and the 9mm+P, both containing caffeine, which acts as a stimulant. The +P version, however, contains an additional orange extract, which acts as a natural appetite suppressant to prevent stress-eating and snacking in between meals. The +P version is, therefore, recommended for those who want to lose weight. Stick to the 9mm pill if you are only looking an energy boost for your workout.

Around 12 more products in the SWAT Fuel line will be available soon, with the last one scheduled for release by the end of 2013. Components will include a liquid hydration formula, which can be used during a workout or as a meal substitute, an after-exercise flavored protein formula, vitamins for protection against various illnesses, and a sleep aid.

Ten percent of the total profit from these supplements will go to chosen charities related to the military and law enforcement.

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