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The Idea Convention consisted of about 6000 top fitness experts from around the world, along with lectures continued for 3 days, workshops, regular work outs and trade shows. In the following article we shall discuss about the top 5 fitness ideas as mentioned in the lecture by the experts.

Increasing obesity:

People from many countries are facing the problem of obesity and the number is increasing day by day. Within the next 20 years, 42% of the global population is predicted to face this problem. The people have to become health conscious yet. They need to put a control over their daily lifestyle. The reason is that this problem can be cured while there is still time.

Importance of diet:

Apart from exercise, nutrition is equally important in maintaining a healthy body. Leading fitness experts always prefer on following a diet chart before staring the exercise regime. First of all, people should consult with a dietician. They will properly prescribe the necessary diet based on the body shape of that person. A border should be placed on the amount of calorie intake. In all Idea events for the past years, an entire section is there based on healthy diet. Medically approved foods, drinks and natural supplements all have equal importance besides natural food. There are also presentations based on proper way of cooking in Idea. Properly given demos helps the people understand the importance of a healthy diet.

Dance and be healthy:

Dance and aerobics lessons are gaining importance every day. People enjoy dancing. Apart from time pass and healthy entertainment, dance also helps in keeping the body in shape and acts as a great cardio workout. Besides weight checking, dance also helps in maintenance of bone joints and improving flexibility.

Workout both inside and outside:

While exercising, there is impact on both the inside as well as outside of our body. The will to keep our body in shape always pushes a person to do more exercise. This also increases the concentration level. During workout, a person should utilize the time properly. Very little amount of rest, only as much required should be taken between alternate sets. Cardio exercises that helps burning fat should be done regularly, although tiresome. Keeping the mind in focus along with the body will eventually pay up in having a healthy well maintained body.

Start making a trend:

The people, who work out regularly, enjoy it and love doing it every day. Still, many people are out there who, although face obesity and other health related problems, are too lazy to start a workout regime. They should be reached out. When a person having a healthy body properly explains to them the importance of exercise, they will definitely get inspired and start making a difference with themselves. Taking a small step at a time will eventually pay off.

The main key is to keep up with your exercises and start inspiring others. Once people around you will see “the new you” they will definitely get inspired and start exercising so that they can also achieve a healthy body like you do.

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