Eating Out with Skinny Friends – How to Stick to Your Diet

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When you’re on a diet, the worst thing you can do is eat with people who aren’t. If you go out to eat with all your skinny friends, you’ll inevitably get off track, right? Wrong. Stop thinking that way right now. Just because you’re on a diet doesn’t mean you can’t go out to eat with your fit friends. Just follow these easy tips for success.

Don’t Say No

If your skinny friends ask you to go out to eat with them, whatever you do, don’t decline the invitation. You’re on a diet, but that doesn’t mean you have to sit and eat at home every night. You can, and should, still have a good time with your friends. If you say no, you’ll only end up feeling lonely, which could lead to binging. As long as you’re not eating out more than in, treat yourself.

Tell Them About Your Diet

These skinny girls are your friends, right? So there’s no reason not to be honest with them about your plans to drop some pounds. If you don’t tell them about your diet, you can’t expect them to help you stick to it. Before you go out, casually let them know that you’re watching what you eat. Maybe you can suggest a place to go that has a more diet-friendly menu. At the very least, you’ll have their support.

Check the Menu Beforehand

Nowadays, most restaurants have their full menus available online. Make sure you take the time to check out the menu before you go. If you can’t find it online, stop by and ask for a copy. This way you don’t have to choose your dinner at the spur of the moment. You can peruse the choices at your leisure in order to pick something that will be best for your diet. If you make a selection beforehand, you’ll be less likely to settle on something indulgent.

Try Plate Sharing

You might eat less if you try a more family-style approach to eating. Ask your friends if they’d like to share plates. Order a variety of foods, ask for some extra plates, and sample away. This is a great way to taste different things on the menu without over doing it. You’ll all benefit from it, and you can create your own portion sizes. And if you eat slowly, you won’t end up taking the lion’s share of the food.

Be Prepared for Dessert

When you go out to eat, one of the best parts is sampling a new, delicious dessert. Your skinny friends certainly won’t skip this part. You don’t have to, either, if you plan ahead. Eat a smaller, healthier dinner so you know it’s okay to cheat a little bit with dessert. See if one of your friends wants to split a dessert, and you’ll only eat half as much. If you don’t want to cheat at all, just order coffee or tea. If your friends know about your diet, they won’t pressure you to indulge.

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