6 Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning And Save Yourself From Agonizing Pain


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When you bite into some food you expect it to taste amazing, but you definitely don't expect to be in pain for days because you caught food poisoning. It's got to be one of the worst things in the world. Once you rush to the toilet you know it's just the start of something much worse. If you've ever had it you will definitely be nodding your head. Even if you haven't you can probably tell it's not a nice experience. Something you'd want to prevent. You can reduce your chances of catching food poisoning by following these 6 tips.

Scrub before grub

You wouldn't see a surgeon operating on someone without washing their hands, so why would you ever eat something without giving them a good scrub? The food you eat goes into your body so you have to stop your hands from contaminating your food before you touch anything. Think about all those hands you've been shaking. Maybe you never washed your hands after you were at the toilet. You could even have touched a few pets. All these germs will be on your hands and you need to get rid of them.

Don't prepare your food on dirt

The kitchen should be the cleanest room in the house. Always make sure you're cleaning your surface tops. It's not enough to just wash your dishes and forget about them. Lots of things you bring into the house probably get put on the kitchen worktops. Then you come along and lay your food somewhere a dirty box has been. You wouldn't eat off a dirty box, so don't cook your food where it's been lying.

Don't mix chopping boards

This is a big one and lots of people forget. You're chopping the vegetables on a chopping board then move onto the chicken. You realize you've forgotten a vegetable so you chop it right on top of where the raw chicken has been. That's going to cause you serious problems. You should have 2 different chopping boards. Use one of them for meat and keep the other for vegetables. Use different colored boards and you will never go wrong.

Organize your fridge properly

How many times have you opened the fridge and threw something wherever you found some space? It's easy to do and we sometimes get a little sloppy. But this could end up causing you food poisoning for nothing other than laziness. How crazy is that? Keep your fridge organized and keep all the raw meat away from the fresh produce. Store the meat at the bottom of the fridge and put an end to contamination.

Cook your food

The only thing to make an exception for is steak. You need to be cooking your food. Chicken is not meant to be pink, it's meant to be white. If this means you need to stick a knife in your food to make sure it's cook properly then this is what you must do. Even preparing the food must be done right. Always wash your vegetables, because you can guarantee the supermarkets don't wash them when they come in from the field.

Wash your dishcloths

I know it's easy to keep using the same dishcloth for days at a time. For some reason we don't seem to mind using a dirty dishcloth. This is horrible and could easily lead trouble. Once it gets dirty it needs to be thrown in the washing. And definitely don't use one that's wet. That's a lovely place for all that disgusting bacteria to breed. Common sense goes a long way in the kitchen, so now that you know how, you can make sure you stay away from food poisoning.

Tylor Gurt is an impeccable writer and owns a food blog. He recommends everyone food safety tips on the mentioned website Food Safety Direct.

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