5 Tips To Cut Calories And Lose Weight


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Losing weight can get quite tricky with the large number of weight loss information one is receiving nowadays. No matter what diet you follow or what exercise plan you take, the basis of the entire weight loss program is reducing calories. The difference between calories consumed and calories spend decides how much weight we are going to put on. It is hence quite important to reduce the calorie intake to reduce weight. Some ways to cut calories from your diet are-

1. Baked Food Instead Of Fried

Forfeiting oily and fried food can help you cut lots of calories. Fats contain a great amount of calories and hence add weight to the body. Having baked alternatives instead of the fried ones like baked chips instead of fried chips or French fries can reduce a great amount of calories. However remember that chips contain carbohydrates and even it can cause weight gain, hence do not overdo with the baked chips thinking that you are consuming a healthier option.

2. Drinking Lots Of Water

What do you drink when you feel thirsty? Most people drink soda and other sweetened beverages as they have a great taste as wells as are cool. They however come laden with refined sugar and are full of calories as well as are unhealthy.

Drinking water instead of these sweetened beverages can help you reduce a considerable amount of calories as well as it helps in keeping your stomach full and keep away the hunger pangs. Water has numerous other benefits too and hence one must consume more water to check calorie intake. Aim for a minimum of 1.5 liters of water every day.

3. Having A Breakfast

Many people are of the impression that skipping a meal can reduce our calorie consumption and the favorite meal one likes to skip is the breakfast. This is however a wrong tactic and in fact it has been proved that having breakfast helps in reducing weight.

Having a breakfast suppresses your hunger and makes sure that you donít snack in between or have a heavy lunch. On the other hand breakfast provides you the energy for the day and hence the calories gained from breakfast are easily spent as compared to lunch or dinner.

4. Having Fruit Instead Of Juice

Health benefits of fruits are known. It provides us with nutrients as well as are high in antioxidants. However people generally opine that fruit juice are equally healthy as having the fruit. However fruit juice contains twice as much calorie as eating a fruit of the same quantity. It is hence best to go for the real fruit instead of the juice for cutting on calories.

Also most of the fruit juice contain added sugar which can add lots of calories.

5. Use Non Stick Pans

Although it may sound strange but non stick cookware can help you reduce calories. As compared to regular pans they require less oil or butter which are the main calorie source in our food. Also you can easily prepare food items like omelet with these pans without adding any oil or butter and hence cut a great deal on calories.

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