5 Signs You Need a Different Personal Trainer


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You chose a personal trainer, but something doesn't feel right. You may even be asking yourself if this what you get for the money and whether or not a personal trainer is worth the expense. The truth is not all personal trainers are good at what they do. Whether they ignore their clients or you feel uncomfortable, the trainer may not be right for you. Here are five signs you need a different personal trainer.

You Feel Ignored

Do you sometimes look up from your exercises and see your personal trainer texting or looking at other people in the gym? Do you ask questions and not get answers because he is talking on the phone? Then it is definitely time to find a new trainer. A personal trainer should give you undivided attention. That's what you're paying for. Without this level of attention, you risk hurting yourself.

The Trainer Doesn't Show Up

Do you have a set time to visit the gym, but your personal trainer constantly misses the appointment? Then you need to find a different personal trainer. Chances are you've paid in advance for a certain time period and if the trainer isn't showing up, you're wasting money.

You're Not Seeing Progress

Sometimes your personal trainer may be quite pleasant, show up when she's supposed to, and pays attention to you, but there isn't any progress. This may be due to the fact that the trainer isn't educated enough to create a proper workout plan or that you have a condition she doesn't know how to create a plan for. Either way, you need to find a different personal trainer.

The Trainer Doesn't Listen to Your Needs

It's important to have a personal trainer that listens to your needs and concerns. If he is working you too hard and you feel concerned, he too should be concerned. If he doesn't listen, not only may you get injured, but he obviously doesn't care about your health or business. You need to find a personal trainer that listens to all your needs, questions, etc.

You Don't Feel Comfortable

If you don't feel comfortable around the trainer, there's a problem. It might be that his looks distract you or that he is overbearing. Either way, you need a personal trainer that makes you feel comfortable. This ensures that you concentrate on what you're doing and don't hurt yourself. More importantly, it helps ensure you have a good time.

Not every personal trainer is right for every client. It may take a few tries, but you will find a trainer that meets your needs.

About the Author: Raphael Zomer spent a lot of time trying different personal trainers in New York before he found one he felt really comfortable with. Don't feel obligated to sign a contract just because you have a meeting or a free trial. Go with someone you feel like you can trust with your well-being!

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