5 Foods to Never Eat, You Won’t Believe What’s On This List

You want to lose weight, so you're eating healthy foods.


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..Or foods you thought are healthy.

What if the foods that you thought are healthy are actually making you gain weight and are bad for you?

We've uncovered the top 5 foods that people are eating that are supposed to be good for you but are actually making you gain weight.

The 5 Foods to Never Eat


You're cutting calories and fat, so you pass on the butter and get the "healthy" margarine spread, right?


Margarine is created through a process called hydrogenation which solidifies fats and in the process creates trans fats, which are super bad for you.

Margarine lowers your HDL (good cholesterol), and rasises your LDL (bad cholesterol).

Instead of margarine, stick with natural butter or look for non-hydrogenated butter spreads.

Low Fat Foods

Anything with the sticker low fat on it means it has to be good for you, right? It's low in fat.

This is a common marketing trick that giant food companies use to trick consumers.

When these foods are created in a lab, they chemically reduce the amount of fat, BUT they also increase the amount of sugar, sodium and all sorts of bad stuff to still make them taste good.

Avoid anything that tells you it's low in fat, sugar, calories. Always read the label to get the facts.

"Healthy" Soups

Notice how we used the quotes around healthy?

Yup, a lot of these soups that claim to be healthy are anything but. Canned soups like these are chocked full of salt, and sometimes can be half your day's daily requirement of salt in a single bowl.

Instead of these high sodium soups, opt to make your own using low sodium chicken broth and dumping in a bunch of frozen veggies.

There are also some options for low sodium soups where you can dilute them with your own water.

Diet Sodas

Another gimmick marketers use to trick us.

It's true that diet sodas have no calories in them, but they have all sorts of chemical additives that are not made to be digested by your body.

If you're looking for a sugar kick, try a natural fruit juice or waters with a hint of flavor. Read the nutritional information to make sure that the ingredients are things you can pronounce.

White Rice

I'm always hearing about these stories of the "magic food" that the Japanese eat to stay so thin, so most people think white rice is that magic food.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. White rice is basically the same thing as white bread, and most of know never to eat white bread.

White rice has 169 calories per serving, just 2g of fiber, and 37 carbs. It's also a "bad carb" because it is digested quickly in the body making you hungry faster.

Instead of white rice, opt for brown rice.

Subway Sandwiches

Jared lost all that weight with Subway, so you can too, right? Subway markets its products as "fresh, healthy" which is true if you compare Subway to McDonalds.

But the truth is the meats that Subway uses are high in nitrates, which are chemical additives used to preserve freshness. Nitrates have been linked to stomach cancer, and other degenerative diseases.

Avoid Subways meats and opt for their salads or go to a local sub shop that sells fresh chicken, not the processed stuff that Subway serves.

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