25 Best Recipe Blogs for 2013

Finding delicious recipes online has never been easier, especially with the numerous food and recipe websites available nowadays. But really, how do you know which ones are worth paying attention to? So here’s a rundown of the best 25 recipe blogs for 2013 (in no particular order). 1.       Punchfork Punchfork has been named the #1 […]


25 Ways to Exercise at Work

Today’s work usually comprise of sitting glued on our seats and staring at the computer for hours. So why not take a few minutes to exercise (and burn calories while your at it) even within the confines of your office? Here are quick exercise routines you can do at work: Cardio 1. Ditch the elevator. […]

7 Foods to Eat Before or After a Workout

People who train at the gym generally do their research and know what to eat before and after a tough workout. For the rest of us, it’s a constant battle trying to eat healthy before and after workouts, especially when you’re craving what you know is bad. Here are some of the best things you […]

Get Ripped with Swat Fuel

In order to boost one’s energy eventually improve workouts, various pills, powders, and drinks have been put to use. Unfortunately, while these products work for recreational athletes, it may not produce the same results for professionals. To fill this gap, Dr. Dan Olesnicky, a SWAT medic, developed a line of supplements for militaries, law enforcers, […]

Checkout the Leading Mental Illness Institute from the A&E TV Show

Located in Newport Beach, California, Morningside Recovery is a mental health treatment center, which also caters to the treatment of  drug addiction and alcoholism. Also, Morningside has various extended stay facilities, outpatient treatment centers, outdoor activities, diet and nutrition centers, and so much more. Dedicated to provide world-class care for people who are chemically dependent […]

How To Grab Lunch Out Without Breaking The Bank Or Ruining Your Diet

Getting lunch out is something that can be surprisingly difficult. When you look around your local town, the majority of food venues you’re likely to find are designed for dinner and provide mostly full meals, while the lunch options like pub lunch often aren’t particularly affordable or healthy. This then means that you’re stuck most […]

Dukan Diet Review

The Dukan Diet is a low carb diet  based on proteins and vegetables, which is made up of 4 phases: Attack, Cruise, Consolidation, and Permanent Stabilization. The 1st phase, Attack, promotes quick weight loss through a protein-only diet for up to 10 days. Expected weight loss is around 7 pounds in 5 days. Depending on […]

6 Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning And Save Yourself From Agonizing Pain

When you bite into some food you expect it to taste amazing, but you definitely don’t expect to be in pain for days because you caught food poisoning. It’s got to be one of the worst things in the world. Once you rush to the toilet you know it’s just the start of something much […]

A Diet Pill That Is Actually Healthy and Effective

The battle against weight gain exists on a daily basis for millions of people that struggle to maintain a healthy weight. The health benefits of being a healthy weight can’t be overestimated, and that’s why millions of people are turning to Phentermine in order to take care of weight loss in a way that’s both […]

How to Increase Your Running Speed With Strength and Fitness Training

When we head to the gym for a workout we often do so with the relatively vague intention to just improve our strength and fitness and to leave healthier than we started off. This is all good and well, but it often means training with no real goal or direction and just floundering around the […]

Watch The Pounds Fall Off With These Simple Dietary Changes

Everyone always makes losing weight much harder than it actually needs to be. Have you ever been told to measure your food to the last gram? Or my favorite one is eating a 50/30/20 split with your carbohydrates, proteins and fats. How can anyone still have the motivation to eat healthily after they are absolutely […]

Top 3 Low Carb Diet Plans for Women

Women are, obviously, most conscious when it comes to their weight. Low carb diets help women lose weight by limiting the consumption of certain foods that are known to cause weight issues. There are numerous low carb diets available out there. Regardless, these diets are not all the same. In fact, these diets differ in […]

Top 3 Low Carb Diet Plans for Men

Low carb diets are popular because these kinds of diet do not require tedious counting of calories, which is very convenient, especially for men. Aside from that, low carb diets are easier to follow and also allows men to still eat their favorite foods. Three of the most popular low carb diets are the Atkins […]

Fitness Trends from IDEA Convention

The Idea Convention consisted of about 6000 top fitness experts from around the world, along with lectures continued for 3 days, workshops, regular work outs and trade shows. In the following article we shall discuss about the top 5 fitness ideas as mentioned in the lecture by the experts. Increasing obesity: People from many countries […]

How to Train the Muscles That Everyone Forgets

Biceps? Check. Pecs? Check. Abs? Check. Legs? Check (grumble). Back? Check. Shoulders? Check! Okay so that’s everything right? Well if you think so then you clearly are forgetting the several thousand other muscles in your body and haven’t been in the muscle building game for very long. Don’t sweat it though – it’s a common […]

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