The Tim Tebow Diet Plan and Workout Routine


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Tim Tebow, the New York Jets quarterback of the National Football League (NFL). His workout routine demonstrates his work ethics and just  how much passion he has for his sport. True to that, Tebow possesses some serious strength. In fact, his bench press is over 480 pounds. He also ran a 40 for 4.71 secs and did a 38.5" vertical jump at the 2010 NFL Combine.

The Diet Plan

Tim Tebow starts out his day with a healthy breakfast, which provides him the energy required to get through his  rigorous workouts.  His breakfast includes an ample supply of egg whites, a Myoplex shake (high protein meal replacement shake), and a good source of carbohydrates like grits or oatmeal. This balances out his intake of protein and carbohydrates.

Tim Tebow, himself, weighs 240 pounds. A professional athlete of Tim Tebow’s size would require around 4000-5000 calories per day, 50-60% of which should come from complex carbohydrates, 15-20% from protein, and 20-30% from fat. His diet, therefore, is a combination of fruits, lowfat dairy and lean meat, vegetables, and grain carbs. To reach the protein intake requirement,  athletes usually use protein powders (an examples is Myoplex, which is used by Tebow).

The Workout Routine

During his college days at University of Florida, Tebow used to run every single aisle at the Ben Hill Griffin Stadium (popularly known as "the Swamp") to help boost his stamina.  He believed that running these steps helped fight exhaustion, especially with the different sports he played.
Here's two exercises similar to what Tebow used to do.
Exercise 1 – To warm up, walk up and down 90 steps and then do walking lunges up 90 steps.  These lunges will control  your heart rate and help build up strength.  If, however, your legs get During the exercise if your legs get fatigued, take a break for a minute but don't rest for too long.
Exercise 2 – Run the whole arena or even a running track, at your own pace.  Take a break for a few minutes and then sprint up 30 steps as fast as you can. Walk back down. Repeat routine five times.

During off season, football players focus on building muscle while working on their conditioning.  Because once the season begins a player will lay off on weight training. So to train during off season, Tebow focuses on plyometric exercises and dedicates a good amount of time on box jumps, squat jumps, hurdles, and sprints to increase his speed and agility. Many of his sprints are broken down into short speed drills that range from 10-40 yard sprints.

Below are a few of Tebow's off season exercises, which you can also do yourself if you want to be as fit as Tebow himself:

Batwing Dumbbell Row  Lie face down on the incline bench and bring the dumbbells up while retracting your shoulder blades. Holds for one count and the lower the dumbbells to the starting position.

Incline Tsuki Weight Press – Rotate palms inward and bring dumbbells to chest. This will tone chest, triceps, and shoulders.

Lateral Fast Feet Ladder Drill This is done to improve footwork, which assists Tebow when he is getting fatigued.

Lumberjack Press Tebow Press the barbell out and before your body, grasping the end of the barbell with one hand.

Quick Response Drills – Do quick feet drills that are about 15 yards in variation.

Sledgehammer Tire Pull – This helps Tebow maintain his posture by establishing good body positioning when dragging the tire.

Vertical Set Circuit – Execute a  High pull, RDL, Back Squat, and Push press, using a barbell.

The Tim Tebow Diet Plan and Workout Routine is so intense, a great amount of will and determination to obtain your desired results.

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