The Benefits of Weight Training vs. Cardio

Can you burn as many calories with cardio as weight training? You can actually burn more calories in a single session of cardio as you can weight training, however, with weight training, you continue to burn calories long after the workout and this is the benefit of weight training.


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Benefits of cardio vs weight training

For most newbies to fitness, they normally place a larger emphasis on cardio training in their routines. It's a lot easier to get on a treadmill, and run or walk than it is to lift weights.

Weight training takes time to learn how to effectively and safely lift weights, so our goal is to teach you how to use weight training to your advantage through a series of articles.

Pros of Weight Training

Before we teach you how to start a weight training regiment, let's go over the benefits of weight training.

When lifting weights, your body gets a metabolic spike an hour after the workout, burning up to 25% more calories. So if you burned 100 calories working out, an hour after working out, your body will have burned 125 calories.

For every three pounds of muscle you build, you will burn an extra 120 calories per day. Over the course of a year, that's up to 10 pounds of fat.

Weight training does not build bulk, which is a common misconception. Bulk is muscle covered by fat, and weight training can help you lose the fat by burning my calories per session and getting you the ideal body shape you want.

How to Start Weight Training

Now that you know the benefits of weight training, we're going to teach you how to start your own workout routine in our next article.

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