How to Setup a Fitness Routine and Stick to It

The key to a successful weight loss program is to pick the right diet, which you can do with our diet quiz, and then to include a weekly fitness routine.


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No matter what your weight loss goals, you should always make time to exercise to achieve your results faster. We're now going to go through how to setup your perfect workout routine.

Time of Day

To ensure you stick to working out, you need to build it into your schedule and do it at the same time everyday.

So first select which time of day works for you, think about when you have at least 30 minutes you can free up in your schedule.

Do you have time before work, during lunch, or after work work? Once you select your time schedule, you have to stick to it so it becomes a routine.

Days per Week

So now that you know what time you're going to the gym, let's figure out how often you're going to go to the gym.

We suggest for people new to working out to try to workout three times per week. Twice during the weekday and once on the weekend.

The great thing about starting a workout plan is once you get into a routine, when you miss a day of working out you start to miss it and look forward to the next time you can workout.

So figure out how many times you are able to go to the gym every week, and let's move on to the final step.

Workout Venue

Great job, now that you've determined what time you're going to the gym, and you know how many days per week you're going, now let's figure out where you're going to workout.

For some people, you can't afford a gym membership and this is often an excuse for not working out.

We're going to show you that you can workout at home, for free, and still get the same results as you would in the gym.

We suggest if you can afford a gym membership to workout at the gym during the week, when it may be more convenient to go to and from work, and to get in a workout on the weekend at home.

Let's Get Started

This next week, let's start your new workout routine. We're going to cover in our next posts what to do at the gym, but for now all you have to do is get to the gym, and hit the treadmill. Walk for 30 minutes, and get into your routine.

Check back soon for some beginners fitness routines for men and women.

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