25 Best Fitness Blogs for 2013

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There are a lot of fitness blogs out there. While some provide exceptional training advice , others aren't simply helpful. The best fitness blogs are those that can educate their readers in all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and health.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), strength and body weight training will be among the most popular fitness trends come 2013. Ergo, from this survey, we have come up with the 25 best fitness blogs for 2013, in no particular order.

1. Fitnessista

The blog is authored by Gina--a mom, a military wife, and fitness instructor-- who shares her health recipes, workouts, and lifestyle through Fitnessista. From then on, the blog became a source for quick workouts and healthy diet.

2. MizFit Online 

MizFit, whose real name is Carla Birnberg, is an award winning writer, a community builder, a personal trainer, and a bodybuilding competitior. Launched in 2007, MizFit Online is a health and fitness blog intended for those who have no idea about one-on-one training.

3. The Great Fitness Experiment

Charlotte's blog serves as a guide to exercises that we generally only wonder about, from the latest fitness craze to the most random routines to making sure if the exercise equipment really work.

4. Mark's Daily Apple

Mark's Daily Apple is the standard in fitness blogging-- consistent and informative.

5. Quickie Chick

Run by Laurel House, the blog covers everything-- from workouts to fashion to beauty to dating to food and to life, in general.

6. Fit Bottomed Girls

Conceptualized by Jennipher Walters and Erin Whitehead, Fit Bottomed Girls was originally intended for all things about fitness. However, as the blog gained popularity, it has expanded to all types of fresh perspectives and interesting content.

7. Fitness Blackbook

Rusty Moore, who authors the blog, offers a non-bodybuilding way to get into shape. The blog has become a hub for experts in health and fitness over the years.

8. Fitsugar

Fitsugar is the go-to blog for helpful and interesting fitness stories, complete with useful advice, celebrity profiles, and helpful how-to videos.

9. Huffpost Healthy Living

The blog is everything you can expect from Huffington Post: quality content, reliable facts, and engaging writers.

10. TRX Training

The blog focuses on suspension training while putting into light the importance of innovative fitness equipment, skillfully designed workout programs, and fitness courses in bringing out an individual's peak performance.

11. Renegade Strength and Conditioning

Jason Ferrugia, who runs this blog and his own fitness business as well, offers empowering stories and strength training tips.

12. Stumptous

Stumptous provides a unique approach to strength training through a growing collection of blithe content made specifically for beginners in bodybuilding.

13. Social Workout

Social Workout is not your traditional blog, it's more like a challenge-based social network that creates clear, quantifiable goals for a community of users.

14. Scott Herman Fitness

The blog offers various exercise and routine in different levels -- beginner, intermediate, and advanced. However, you will have to be a member first to access the most of its content.

15. Breaking Muscle 

Breaking muscle specializes in Olympic lifting, powerlifting, functional fitness, yoga, and mind/body modalities through the latest studies, products, and equipment. The blog is run by a team of experienced professionals.

16. LovingFit

LovingFit is a lifestyle blog on creative workouts and exercises.

17. Tweak Fit

Tweak Fit is dedicated to helping its readers achieve their optimum fitness levels through proper nutrition and exercise. Available on the blog are useful tips, links, product reviews, and other helpful information on exercise, nutrition, injury care, health, and wellness.

18. Fitness NYC

This blog covers the latest workouts, fitness deals, training plans, and even races and marathons in New York City.

19. Exercise Biology

The goal of Exercise Biology is to educate its readers with an evidence-based approach to health and fitness. The article in the blog are divided into different sections: the introduction, the instruction, the reason, and the practical application.

2o. Gold's Gym Blog

Gold's Gym is truly the world's leading authority on health and fitness. Through this blog, members and even non-members of Gold's Gym can get access to various health and fitness information.

21. Workout Box

The Workout Box id filled with nothing but facts about everything in the fitness industry.

22. MadSweat

MadSweat is a reliable guide to fitness, diet, and nutrition.

23. Zen to Fitness

Zen to Fitness is an online magazine that supplies weekly articles on Health and Fitness for free.

24. Running Off the Reeses

The blog doesn't just feature helpful workout tips, it also includes amusing pictures and captions as well as picture motivations.

25. Cranky Fitness

The Cranky Fitness covers nutrition, fitness, and weight loss with an entertaining twist.

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