10 Tips for Beginning Runners


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Running is a great way for you to exercise and bring yourself some much needed stress relief. If you're an avid runner, then it is important to know of the many ways to boost your running performance. Whether you are running for fun around your block or training for a marathon, these tips will help keep your energy up and your body free of injury.

Eat Healthy and Right
Maintaining a healthy diet is a fantastic way for you to keep your energy levels up for running. Lean proteins such as chicken, turkey and fish are great ways to gain energy and prevent hunger. Whole grains are another source of energy that can help you when you run. If you find yourself regularly fatigued, make sure that you are receiving enough iron in your diet. Red meat and vitamin C can help you fight off fatigue and prevent anemia.

Ditch the Caffeine
Too often, people rely on caffeinated drinks such as coffee or soda to give them the energy they need to get through a day. Ultimately, an overreliance on caffeine will leave you feeling weak and jittery, hardly the ideal feelings you need for a successful run. If you get into a solid running routine, the natural energy that will come for your work out will be more than enough to get you through the day.

Regular Exercise
While this may seem like an obvious idea, it is essential to improving and maintaining your energy. Running everyday can be hard on your body, especially if you wear a knee brace, so you may need to do other exercises such as weight lifting in between your runs. By doing this, your body will release endorphins, providing you with a boost in energy.

Going to sleep at a reasonable hour and staying asleep for a good seven to eight hours keeps your body refreshed. While everyone's sleep time varies, it is important to provide yourself with the rest you need so your body can run efficiently.

Change Up Your Routine
Mixing up your routine is a great way to keep boredom away, which in turn can sap your energy levels. By changing your running route, you can experience new courses that could challenge your body. In addition, trying new foods that are good for your diet are a perfect way to bring even more natural energy to your running routine.

Keep Your Goals Realistic
When running or planning a large run, be sure to set your goals realistically. You don't want to overdo it when running, especially if you have any kind of supports such as a hinged knee brace. By staying realistic, you'll be able to achieve your running goals without injury or a depletion of energy.

Steadily Increase Your Run
When running on a regular basis, try increasing your long run time every couple of weeks. By doing this, you can extend your endurance while enhancing your physiological infrastructure. You will also help improve your mental concentration.

Speed Workout
If you are training for a long run, a weekly speed session will help you increase your mile pace. Go to a local track and run several 400s, walking in between each one. For each subsequent week, you should up the amount of 400s you do. By doing this, you'll be able to run a faster mile than before.

Warm Up
Before running or working out, it's important to properly warm up before beginning your exercise routine. When preparing to run, a simple two to five minute walk will help get your blood flowing. For the first mile, you can jog slowly, while stopping for walking intervals. It's a great way to save your running muscles for the run ahead. If you wear a knee brace for running, be sure to stretch out your leg before running.

Cool Down
Once you have finished your work out, it's important to cool down. A slow jog immediately after you run, followed by a walk will help keep your energy levels up and prevent any injury.

Abby Evans is an avid blogger and loves writing about fitness. In her spare time she is training for half marathons and finding the perfect knee brace for running.


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