Top 10 Paleo Snacks for the Paleo Diet

The Paleo diet, also known as Caveman diet, includes nothing else but natural food items–lean meat, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, and eggs. Popularized  by Dr. Loren Cordain, it is based on the eating habits of our ancestors, who have lived millions of years ago. Snacking is optional in the Paleo diet. But it’s really […]


5 Factor Diet Review 2012

You might have heard of 5 Factor Diet thanks to your favorite celebrity. This diet plan teaches you simple healthy food choices with easy recipes for you to make from home. And the program is easy to remember, thanks to the number 5.

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DietWatch Review 2012

DietWatch is the perfect diet tracking website. Not only do they offer four different diet programs of their own, you can also use their web-based tools to research and review other diet program, like Weight Watchers or Atkins.

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Best Celebrity Diet Success Stories

Some of our favorite celebrity diet success stories. Beyonce Ricky Gervais Wynona Judd Star Jones Tiffany Amber Thiesen

South Beach Diet Review 2012

One of the best low carb diets, this plan is cheap, effective, and will help you lose weight. It does take more time than diet delivery diets like Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig, which is why this diet is much cheaper.

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Dash Diet Review 2012

The diet helps in preventing and lowering blood pressure. It also helps in weight loss. But it is considered to be inconvenient since you always have to prepare your own meals.

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Bistro MD Review 2012

The Bistro MD's offers chef inspired meals that are designed for healthy, rapid weight loss. Some meal options could be tastier, and price may be a factor for some.

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What Is a Carbohydrate? Slow Carbs and Fast Carbs?

Good carbs, bad carbs, what’s the deal with carbs? To get started, let’s teach you what what exactly is a carb. What is a Carbohydrate? First of all, let’s learn exactly what are carbohydrates or “carbs”. Carbohydrates are a common source of energy provided by foods high in starch (cereals, breads and pasta) or simple […]

Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig Diet Review

We’ve already done our Nutrisystem review and our Jenny Craig review for 2012, so now it’s time to compare these diets side by side and truly find out is Nutrisystem better than Jenny Craig? Which Diet Is Cheaper? So Nutrisystem is most definitely cheaper than Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig prices are about $500-600 month depending […]

Jenny Craig Diet Review 2012

The personal consultant is what sets Jenny Craig apart from other diets, which also nearly doubles the price of Jenny. If you can afford it, this diet is great, if budget is a concern, look elsewhere.

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Nutrisystem Review 2012

The Nutrisystem diet is great for people looking for a convient, prepackaged meal plan that will ensure they lose weight if followed correctly.

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Best Diets of 2011

Top Diets of 2011 2011 seems like it went by so quickly, didn’t it? We hope you hit your weight loss goals for 2011, and we wanted to share with you the top rated diets of 2011. These diets got the highest ratings from users, and were some of the most popular diets of the […]

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