Nutrisystem vs Jenny Craig Diet Review

Nutrisystem vs jenny craig diet


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We've already done our Nutrisystem review and our Jenny Craig review for 2012, so now it's time to compare these diets side by side and truly find out is Nutrisystem better than Jenny Craig?

Which Diet Is Cheaper?

So Nutrisystem is most definitely cheaper than Jenny Craig. Jenny Craig prices are about $500-600 month depending on what food you choose.

Nutrisystem, however, is about half the price at $300 per month.

Nutrisystem beats Jenny Craig in price.

Which Diet Is Easier to Stick To?

Now this is a subjective question and your ability to stick to a diet all depends on you, but we're going to look at this from the perspective of the amount of support that Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem give to you when you join their program.

Joining a diet plan is a major life commitment, and Jenny Craig treats your decision as such. When you join, you get assigned a personalized counselor who works with you to set goals, and monitor progress every week.

Our users have found that this 1-on-1 support has been really helpful in helping them stick to their diet plan.

This type of personal help is not available from Nutrisystem, and is mainly a result of the lower cost of Nutrisystem.

Jenny Craig beats Nutrisystem in diet longevity.

Which Food Tastes Better?

Both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem offer prepackaged meals, and their own recipes that you can cook yourself.

When cooking your own recipes, both diets' food tasted good. A lot of this depends on the quality of ingredients you buy and how good of a cook you actually are.

Nutrisystem and Jenny Craig tie on diet food recipes.

Now, as far as the prepackaged foods go, we weigh in the favor of Nutrisystem. Their meal options are more up with the current times and are more appetizing than the options from Jenny Craig.

Some of the Nutrisystem meals

Nutrisystem turkey hot dog
Nutrisystem pancake with fruit
Nutrisystem tacos

Some of the Jenny Craig meals

Jenny Craig banana nut muffin
Jenny Craig veggie meat lasagna
Jenny Craig sweet and sour chicken

After our personal taste tests and reviews from users, we believe that Nutrisystem is the superior choice for food taste.

Nutrisystem wins on food taste.

Jenny Craig vs. Nutrisystem Summary

So when we put these two diets head to head, we believe the clear winner is Nutrisystem.

Their plan is half the price of Jenny Craig, the food tastes better, and the only thing missing is a support group.

We've found that the value added by the personal consultant Jenny Craig provides is it forces you to stick to the meal plan because you will "have someone to report to".

To replace this influence, we suggest sharing with your friends and family that you've started the Nutrisystem diet and this pressure will help you stick to the meal plan and not cheat on the diet.

For more reading, checkout our Jenny Craig 2012 diet review and our Nutrisystem 2012 diet review.

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