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Bistro MD Review 2012

Bistro MD Review 2012
The Bistro MD's offers chef inspired meals that are designed for healthy, rapid weight loss. Some meal options could be tastier, and price may be a factor for some.


The Bistro MD's offers chef inspired meals that are designed for healthy, rapid weight loss. Some meal options could be tastier, and price may be a factor for some.

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Bistro md diet review


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Bistro MD is one of the most popular diet meal delivery plans serving the USA. The meals are chef-inspired, consist of four meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner & snacks) and contain 1200 calories per day.

How does this diet stack up to Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, and other popular diet delivery plans? Read on to find out.

How Does Bistro MD Work?

Bistro MD was started by Dr. Caroline Cederquist, and is based in Naples, FL.

The idea of the diet is simple: create healthy meals that give you the right amount of protein, good carbohydrates, and fats while alternating how many calories you eat each day to "shock" your metabolism on a daily basis.

How Much Does Bistro MD Cost?

Bistro MD does not provide any personal one on one training like Jenny Craig does and they don't give you an exercise plan, their main focus is on providing you meals to help you reach your weight loss goals.

Bistro MD delivers food for three meals a day with 4 different ordering options:

$179.95/week 7 days of meals with snacks
$159.95/week 7 days of meals without snacks
$144.95/week 5 days of meals with snacks
$129.95/week 5 days of meals without snacks

There is a coupon for free shipping for your first week's order, use coupon code FREESHIPPING2012.

Bistro MD Sample Menu

Like Nutrisystem, Bistro MD has some great tasting meal options.

Protein bagel with low fat cream cheese

Morning Snack
Pineapple and orange low calorie protein shake

Whole wheat penne pasta with vodka sauce and mixed vegetables

Afternoon Snacks
BBQ Crunch Os

Chicken cordon bleu, classic chicken stuffed with ham and low fat chefs. Served with a side of brown rice, mixed veggies and french green beans

How Do The Meals Taste?

Bistro md food

As far as delivery meal plans go, the highest recommend is the spinach and feta stuffed chicken breast and the pork tenderloin with apple cider sauce.

Some of the meals you definitely need to avoid from a taste perspective, including the monte cristo sandwich.

When preparing these meals, we always suggest using fresh ingredients as a side dish whenever possible. Checkout our diet recipes section for good ideas.

Will I Lose Weight With Bistro MD?

Here's the most important section, right? Will this diet actually help you hit your weight loss goals?

We absolutely know you will lose weight if you can stick on this diet. The meals are low in calories, and if you do the 7 day plan you will reduce your caloric intake to a (still healthy level) and lose weight. Combined with an exercise plan you can lose a good amount of weight on this plan.

The problem we have with this diet are that some of the meals are not the most appetizing, so we suggest you sample the meals, find the ones you like and make sure to only order those meals.

This diet is cheaper than Jenny Craig, so if cost is important, look to this diet.

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