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Below is a comparison of all the diets on our site. You can sort each diet based on the invididual Pros, Cons, Price, and Rating. When you click on the link for each of the diets you can read our entire diet review for each diet.

Our goal with this comparison chart is to make it easy and efficient for you to find the diet that's just right for you. If you haven't already, join Dietdecide decide to get your personalized diet recommendation.

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Diet Pros Cons Price Rating
Extremely strict diet plan You can lose up to 10 pounds or more 6.99 3.5
Expensive relative to other plans Offers real, local food 100 a week, average 4.5
You have to learn the “points” for foods Flexible meal plans 48 the first month; $18.95 a month thereafter 4.5
HCG is not approved for over-the-counter use. The use of the hormone HCG for weight loss is not condoned by the FDA or the medical community. Promotes quick weight loss results. 15 Day Supply for $69 30 Day Supply for $119 45 Day Supply for $159 60 Day Supply for $199 2.0
Not designed for men Tailored to woman over 40 4 a week 3.0
Daily exercise is required Fully customized plan 28 a month 4.5
Difficult to apply in real life Quick results 14.95-$25.95 for books 2.5
Many price points make it difficult to choose Developed by leading physicians 99.00 and up for 2-week to 5-week program 4.5
complaints of slow delivery Gradual transition into everyday foods 11 a day, on average 4
Meal delivery service fees can get pricey Good reputation 148 a week (plus S&H). 4.5
No carbs in the beginning Quick weight loss results 0 - it's FREE 4
Meal deliver only in So. Cali Great online tools 4 a week 4.8
Not a meal delivery service Many plans to choose from 38.97 for first 3 months 4.5
Phase 1 can be very restrictive Snack and desserts are not off limits 20 4.5
Lots of Grunt work Heart healthy No Cost to Enroll 4.5
Pricing is on the higher side for pre-packaged meals Low calorie meals makes losing weight easy 516 3
Meal delivery can be expensive Personal assistant is great 600 3.5
Little deviation allowed in meals Well balanced nutritionally 309 4

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